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Raymond Marx


About Raymond Marx

Raymond Marx is a Fiduciary Financial Planner and a financial services industry professional whose professional development and industry savvy led him to incorporate an entrepreneurial element into his career in 1992 when he opened Raymond Marx Financial, Inc. 

Before working in finance, Raymond had developed an entirely separate career in Scottsdale, Arizona working in the auto industry. Because he was bilingual – speaking both German and English – Raymond became a useful commodity to have in an auto industry booming with German automobiles that were in high demand in California. Here, Raymond developed his sales skills, honing them, and refining them through his work. After the Berlin wall was taken down, the financial turmoil in Germany caused the auto industry in America to come to a grinding halt. Looking for new ways to exercise his sales skills and further develop himself as a professional, when one of his colleagues reached out about an opportunity to sell retirement plans to fellow businesspeople, Raymond decided to take the leap and has never looked back. 

Raymond Marx founded Raymond Marx Financial out of a desire to help others navigate the complex world of financial planning, especially as it relates to retirement planning. At Raymond Marx Financial, the team offers several different financial services, including tax strategies, guaranteed income, legacy building, investment management, and comprehensive retirement.

Raymond Marx wants to be your partner in retirement planning and help all of his clients gain the comfort and peace of mind that comes with knowing – through proper financial planning – you can have an enjoyable, and most of all secure, retirement. 

Through Raymond Marx Financial, Raymond Marx operates both branches of his business: Raymond Marx Financial Inc. and Raymond Marx Financial Advisory Group. The former was founded in 1992 by Raymond in order to provide his clients with quality equity and insurance products; the Advisory Group was founded in 2009 when Raymond wished to incorporate handling stock portfolios and equities into his offerings utilizing the best and brightest wealth managers in the country to help manage portfolios for clients with a desire to be working in equities. Across his carer, Raymond Marx grew from being a complete novice in the industry into the #1 Agent in America for Midland Life, winning him an award. 

In conjunction with his professional career, one of the areas of his life Raymond has enjoyed most across the years is the opportunities he’s had to travel and experience the world firsthand. 

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