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As an entrepreneur, life can be busy. Reading books and blogs about entrepreneurship may seem too time-consuming in an already packed schedule. When this is the case, knowing the top podcasts for entrepreneurs is essential, so you can listen anytime, even in your car.

Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

1. Eventual Millionaire

This podcast offers episodes about people who became millionaires as an entrepreneur. Every episode features a different person and tells the story of how they achieved the millionaire status. The podcast is intended to be inspirational and motivating.

2. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss uses his podcast to interview famous and successful people in a variety of areas. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Lebron James, Ferriss and his guests offer tips, tricks and tools to help other entrepreneurs succeed.

Ferriss is a bestselling author and became well-known for his research that is included in the book. His podcast has important and useful content with a fun way of presenting it.

3. Mixergy

This is a podcast created by successful entrepreneurs and only features other proven entrepreneurs. They go into detail about all the details of founding a business, even the failures and uncomfortable parts. Mixergy is meant to be inspiring and motivating.

4. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn, the founder of this podcast, has been more than successful in creating websites for businesses. In the podcast, he discusses how he became successful through his online business and blog. He shares his income sources, tips and tricks, including how he earns six figures only working a few hours a week.

He doesn’t just tell you how to get started on all of this, either. The podcast episodes are about everything from the setup to automation and everything in between. Other topics are social media, podcasts, e-books and other platforms.

5. This Week in Startups

The host of this podcast does more than just offer tips and motivation for pursuing your goals. In addition to those things, he also tells stories about web companies from all over the world.

The guests that the host brings on are those who can also offer ideas for starting a business, improving your current business or give you motivation. All of that while also learning about what’s going on in the world are perks that are too hard to pass up.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the top podcasts for the entrepreneur is important so you don’t waste time on ones that won’t offer valuable information. Listening to these podcasts can teach you new things, further your knowledge and offer motivation, all things an entrepreneur needs to know.